Cheats Features

Cheat Masters provide you the best cheat features. Read more below:

ESP / Wallhack

ESP or extrasensory perception is the upgraded wallhack, it displays information such as location, orientation, name, health and more. Allowing you to plan ahead and avoid strong enemies or enemy equipment such as traps.


Aimbot is as it sounds, an aiming bot. Allowing you to just sit down, press a button and the bot will aim and shoot for you. If that’s not your way and you still want to aim, you can check out the trigger bot below.


Trigger bot

With trigger bot you wont miss the right moment to shoot, as soon as your crosshair meets an enemy the trigger bot will shoot for you.


Radar adds a display which shows you enemies location relative to your location and orientation. With Radar no enemy will be a be to sneak up behind you.

No Recoil

With no recoil the cheats disables guns recoil allowing you to shoot to the same exact point without your weapon going up.

No Spread

No spread removes the bullet spread from your weapon, allowing your weapon to shoot with pin-point accuracy.

Anti-Cheat Bypass

We have bypassed the most used anti-cheats including but not limited to: BattlEye, FairFight, VAC, Punkbuster